Nooruse Maja was built in 1935 as a clubhouse by Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus. Unfortunately the continuous activity broke off at the time of the soviet period, but when the NGO Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus was re-established in 1998 then the city government of Pärnu accepted the movement and despite of the break of legal regularity it gave the building for Noorus Organization to manage in January 2000.

For today, close to thousand people has gathered under the roof of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus, who go to different organizations, clubs, NGOs and associations to spend their free time, to educate themselves and to live a club life. In our house it is possible to learn drama, painting on china, painting on silk, painting on glass, painting, playing harmonica, making laces, patch work, sewing, line dance, line dance in wheelchair, society dance, ballroom dance, folk-dance, free-style dance, acting, singing, folklore. All activities are continuous and growing. Club life and communication are with great importance. All of the rooms are used by children, youth, adults and pensioners.

The majority of the added activities have taken its rise in doers’ own initiative and thanks to outputs in different media editions from Nooruse Maja they have grown to active and powerful movements. Painting on china, line dance and harmonica club are the very first of special kind activities in Estonia. All three citizens’ initiatives have been recognized in Estonia and in foreign countries. Examples from paintings on china have been exposed in different international magazines, harmonica club and line dance club organize international festivals.

Traditions of the clubhouse Noorus go way back. Our history is thoroughly documented and published as a book. Locals of section Rääma and people who have taken part in our activities through generations are proud of their clubhouse. Lot of children arrive already early before their club. They do their homework here and wait for their tutor. People who lived in the same part of the town where Nooruse Maja is located used to say that they go to Nooruse Maja and there weren’t any problem. It seems that today apply the same rules

Pärnu Folk University of Nooruse Maja is a part of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus  and it was founded in 2004. The idea to create Pärnu Folk University came from study circles functioning in Nooruse Maja.


Academic year in Pärnu Folk University begins in September and we try to offer at least one new course addition to all courses in every term. People can learn here different languages, cultures, psychology, handicraft, art. In October 2006 we started with ADP -courses and these are most popular courses beside Finnish language courses today. In the future here will be many other courses like history, management, economics etc. In Pärnu Rahvaülikool people can acquire lot of skills and knowledge. Pärnu Folk University has in a very short time produced a many-sided educational programme supply.


Nowadays lifelong learning has become popular because of the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and raise competency through the learning, change the habits of behaviour to become more competent in labour market.

Nooruse Maja has participated as a partner in many international projects, like Handiscola – Handicraft is common language; FinEstDen – computer skills project; MemTra – recording different memories and traditions; TraVel AGEnts- Organise 10 test-travel cultural exchange elderly-friendly low-cost programs one in each participating country;  Who goes on scene?- The project aims to select the best scripts for the creation of a short film; The Art of Intercultural Dialogue – the young artist campus in Europe and in Africa; MATES- Mainstreaming Intergenerational Solidarity; EMIL- European Map of Intergenerational Learning; the elderly people volunteer work exchange program; EVS- the young people volunteering work program. 2018 we organized TC Others are Us. Also we start 2 strategic partnership projects – Entrepreneurship 4 Youth and for adult education Digital Skills 4 all.  

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