28th of April we had project Multiplier Event in Zoom.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, there wasn’t an opportunity to do the multiplier event as it was planned in the project. Therefore, we asked permission from Foundation Archimedes to do the multiplier event online. On 28th of April 10.00 AM,  Estonian partner Nooruse Maja organised a multiplier event online, by using the Zoom (https://zoom.us/) application. 

47 participants joined our webinar 39 of them we could recognize. During the webinar we introduced project partners and their tasks. Then we introduced the aim and objectives of the project “Digital skills 4 all”. Next there was a brief review of project activities – the meetings, the survey, the training and intellectual outputs.

With intellectual outputs we took some time and introduced every single one of it and showed what type of materials were created and where participants could find them. We showed some statistics from the survey and how the modules for the e-learning platform were created. Then we showed how to go to the e-learning platform and how to use it. Then we introduced the handbook for different ways of learning and the digital guide.

After the introduction of “Digital Skills 4 All” we had a “Tips & Tricks” feature in the webinar. We introduced some easy yet helpful online tools to enhance their teaching during the time of distance learning. Therefore, we introduced Padlet and shared our working padlet wall that was created for the “Digital Skills 4 All” project – https://padlet.com/helin_laane/ds4a.

We showed most of the online tools that are listed there to the participants. Next we introduced Trello for collaborative work, Keamk for generating groups, Doodle for time management etc. In the end we answered some questions about the online tools and about the project. It seemed that all the participants were appeased with our online multiplier event. 


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