With more than 5 years of experience and more than 11.000 participants hosted in Portugal from different countries such as Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil, Paraguay, United States of America, Russia, Morocco
and Egypt.

Our activities are backed up by the active participation of an international network of institutions, working in collaboration with many European Organizations, City Halls, Schools, Training Centers, Universities and Enterprises. Currently, we are taking part in 12 KA2 Projects. Through the projects we are taking part in, we are trying to raise the level of knowledge, awareness and skills in many fields as well as contributing to a responsible society.

As an organization, we are aiming to enhance the intercultural dialogue and the presentation of Portuguese culture and the state itself as an active participant of European integration. We are aiming at the integration of the nations in the spirit of joint and several identities of the
young and active Europeans, promotion of international cooperation on all levels, mainly under programs of European Union and the building of networks of young people on an international level.

Visit website: mobilityfriends.org