FD operates according to the principles of Policoro Project, with the aim of creating growth opportunities in social, cultural and technological sectors, inspired by the union between local development and social inclusion in an European context, with the understanding that the full social integration of people, in particular young people, is prerequisite for the development of the territory.

Aware of the importance of the work “network” Future Digital promotes working groups multidisciplinary and cross. Therefore, in addition to direct employees, partners and volunteers, it uses a wide network made up by partners and platforms to which it subscribes.

It also has a growing database of young undergraduates or graduates, former participants or potential participants in international trade, which are actively involved in the initiatives.

To date, the Association, is present in 3 regions (Calabria, legal and operative, Lazio and Campania), has 19 members and a team of 7 members of different educational background and curriculum. We decided to offer to ourselves and to other opportunities for mobility, creating opportunities and knowledge that can be applied in areas that suffer from geographical obstacles, economic and social.

The Mission of FD is: Training and educational activities to improve the skills of young people; Promotion of European citizenship in solidarity; Reducing the digital divide.

In order to accomplish its MISSION the Futuro Digitale members:
• support the empowerment of young people;
• educate for citizenship and European solidarity;
• promote intercultural dialogue in Europe and between the countries of the Mediterranean;
• promote youth entrepreneurship in a European context and the development of creative industries, with specific activities contributing to the employability of young people;
• promote the training and non-formal educational activities also to improve the skills of young people;
• promote and contribute to the reduction of the digital divide;
• strengthen the European dimension in a perspective of peaceful coexistence among the peoples of the world, in collaboration with associations in other countries;
• promote, develop and accommodate research and experimentation in the teaching field, along the lines of a new professional meeting the dynamics of society and culture;
• stimulate, in cooperation with other associations, all initiatives that promote and enhance the professionalism of the staff of the school;
• promote innovative initiatives and experience of orientation and connection in the transition from secondary school to university and / or the world of work;
• promote and experiment with innovative ways to allow the participation in education and vocational training of citizens of all ages and / or belonging to bands of social disadvantage;
• participate in research and development of technologies aimed at facilitating learning in all fields and to the spread of education and vocational training through modern channels of communication at a distance.
• support outreach to the creation of new businesses and youth organizations;
• support the use of new technologies in various sectors
• promote, through opportunities for mobility, cooperation between educational, social partners and the private sector at national and transnational level to produce results of high quality learning “in an intercultural dimension” to increase the competitiveness of students who will enter the market job;
• promote training courses designed to develop new skills for new jobs and help in the basic studies for the recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications (ECVET);
• promote the importance and the impact of student mobility through the issuance of certificates Europass Mobility intended to recognize the skills acquired abroad;
• carry out activities for the prevention and fighting of juvenile uneasiness and promote social inclusion.
FD is the creator and administrator of the BEHAS project websites and digital presence in cooperation with all the partners and within the goals of the project.

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